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Welcome to the home page of our large village Kunmadaras!

Our settlement can be found in Great Cumania on brink of Hortobágy. The first written record of the existence of our settlement originales from 1393. In this deed of gift King Zsigmond presented György Madaras with this territory. He was a Jász - Captian and the name of Kunmadaras comes from his family name.




During the Ottoman occupation in Hungary Kunmadaras was destroyed. The descendants of survivors returned only after 1711. Due to the autonomy which was obtained during the 18 th and 19 th centuries - in the course of redemption - our large village was increasing continuously: the number of the local residents grew, they built new houses, church and school. The number of livestock grew. Due to the development from 1811. Kunmadaras was promoted to be a market - town.In 1944. the invading German Army began to built an aeroport at the border to Kunmadaras. It was complated by the Hungarian Army after 1945. Since 1956. to 1992. Soviet Troops were garrisoned here. I and the local government made strenuous efforts to get this aeroport for long yaers. At last Hungarian Government gave the proprietary rights of this project to the property of our self - government.

I think that our identity based ont the Cumanian traditions and our spiritual heritage will establish our future. From our present unvavourable position this aeroport can be the turning point toward the progress, revival and the recovery of economy. On the territory of the aeroport which is ~ 600 ha, the preparation of different investments and looking for pottential investors are going on. In a few years important investments can be realized here, what will bring favourable changings not for only Kunmadaras but it's environt, too.

I'm highly honorued by your interist in our home page. We made our best to show you our past, present and conceptions for the future. If you take interest in these informations and curiasities, we are looking forward to seeing you personally in our settlement, Kunmadaras.